Couple perfume

Perfume for couple: A romantic bonding

Is it weird if I wear the same perfume as my partner? Have you ever tried using or get so temped to use your partner’s perfume? No, it is not weird, you can wear the same perfume as him/her, this j...
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Perfume etiquette for different occasions, how to apply perfume

Perfume etiquette for different occasions

Have you ever experienced someone wearing a really intense perfume in a professional setting or even a funeral that seems almost inappropriate, like a fragrance dressed for clubbing? Wearing too mu...
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Sustainable perfume

Is Sustainable Perfumery Real?

Creating sustainable products that are better for our planet is important. At Scent Journer, we have made sustainability part of ‘mindfully formulated’ with purpose. Our perfumes uses biodegradable...
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Unisex gender neutral perfume

Unisex perfumes: does perfume have gender?

Do you know, it is unknown who decided the gender of perfume notes? Ideas may have came from cliché association that women smells like flowers. In fact, until the end of the 19th century, perfumes ...
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wear Perfume in Singapore Hot Weather

How to wear Perfume in Singapore Hot Weather?

In Singapore's hot and humid weather, you may find some fragrances seems ‘stronger’ or more overpowering, and unfortunately also simply ‘disappears’ on your skin with poor longevity. How can you he...
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