Mindfulness at work

Mindfulness at work
How are you feeling today? Pausing to check in with ourselves is vital for our mental health. Often time we get so caught up with our everyday lives that we become overly exhausted but cannot sleep, full but cannot stop eating and lonely but cannot connect.

The act of self-care such as building mindfulness, can allow us to feel peaceful and even increase motivation. Let’s incorporate mindfulness into our busy city lives. However, it is important not to implement everything at once. Slowly incorporate and make sure it is sustainable in your daily life.

Here are some ways you can start feeling better:

When it comes to cooking or baking, it can be used as a mindfulness exercise. Start by focusing your attention on your senses, the sound of chopping and slicing, scent of aromatics released when marinating and even the colours of fruits and its textures. Anchoring your mind to the details in making food can comfort your soul.

This is why CLOUDS IN HEAVEN was inspired by the nostalgic pandan chiffon cake, to bring comfort and nostalgia to your soul.

Start slowly and you do not have to do extensive exercise if it is not enjoyable. Simply walk for an hour to have a change in environment, try it out and you will feel happier as your walk. This is because the brain secretes endorphins while walking which can also alleviate symptoms of depression.

Having sufficient amount of sleep is important as it is when our body regulates and repair itself. Here are some ways to allow our brain to truly rest and replenish for next day's work:

1) Consistent bedtime routine can help to regulate your sleep cycle.
2) Keep mobile phones and laptops away near bedtime to avoid blue lights.
3) Make room as dark as possible to sent signal that it’s night-time to your brain.

Have a restful weekend ahead!


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