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Sustainable perfume

Is Sustainable Perfumery Real?

Creating sustainable products that are better for our planet is important. At Scent Journer, we have made sustainability part of ‘mindfully formulated’ with purpose. Our perfumes uses biodegradable...
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Perfume got no more smell, long lasting perfume

Why I cannot smell my own perfume?

Have you ever gotten the comment that you smell amazing but you thought your perfume was already long gone and you can’t smell it? You have always wondered why can’t you smell yourself when others ...
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Scent Journer perfumes

How is perfume made in Scent Journer?

At Scent Journer, the first step to the creation is to have a new olfactive vision. We focused on a main ingredient to impart a emotion and story. Once the fragrance direction is clear, we start wo...
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