Travel deprived: in need of a vacation!

Travel deprived: in need of a vacation!

Hands up if you’re in need of a vacation! It has been more than a year since my last plane ride and I miss it. Desperately needing to be out of this constant routine of working almost every day. I missed the natural landscape, the thrill of riding on a roller coaster, trying out new cuisine in a local eatery and building new memories spending time with our love ones. The list of places I want to visit goes on and on!

As much as we would like to turn this article into good news that we can start traveling physically soon, we thought, why not we bring you on a sensory virtual reality to your travel destination?! Think about the food you have wanted to tried, or the destination you wanted to visit, or even the nostalgic moment you have experienced on a vacation. Perhaps it’s the aroma of tea in a local tea plantation, or the smell of sea and beer in the sunset beach or even the scent of roasted pistachio gelato.

Tells us your crazy thoughts, it may be the next fragrance we bring out just for you!

Scent Journer Nostalgia Card


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