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Why I cannot smell my own perfume?

Have you ever gotten the comment that you smell amazing but you thought your perfume was already long gone and you can’t smell it? You have always wondered why can’t you smell yourself when others ...
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Perfume Olfactory families

Perfume olfactory families help to classify the world of fragrances into its own fragrance library. We discuss some of the common families and examples of fragrances found in each family.
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How is perfume made in Scent Journer?

At Scent Journer, the first step to the creation is to have a new olfactive vision. We focused on a main ingredient to impart a emotion and story. Once the fragrance direction is clear, we start wo...
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THE MICROBIOME IS...a collection of bacteria that live on your skin! Having a healthy skin microbiome (high diversity of good bacteria) keeps your skin away from skin sensitivity, eczema and allerg...
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What is the expiry date of perfume?

Perfumes, unlike cosmetics, do not have a fixed expiry date. However, once a bottle of perfume is open and used, the headspace, which the the amount of air let into the perfume will start to increa...
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Are perfume and cologne the same?

You may have seen all sorts of names in the fragrance section: eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne. What's the difference and why are some more expensive than another?  When we are formu...
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