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Perfume to feel strong and successful

Sometimes we all need the help of a perfume to feel strong and successful – something that does more than simply smell lovely, but can lift our spirits and almost act like a pair of shoulder pads ...
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Making your memories smell good!

In our previous article, we explore the science on how Scent Journer’s fragrances travel along our olfactory system and how it can positively impact our mental well-being. On top of that, we can ac...
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Travel deprived: in need of a vacation!

Hands up if you’re in need of a vacation! It has been more than a year since my last plane ride and I miss it. Desperately needing to be out of this constant routine of working almost every day. I ...
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Mindfulness at work

How are you feeling today? Pausing to check in with ourselves is vital for our mental health. Often time we get so caught up with our everyday lives that we become overly exhausted but cannot sleep...
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