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What is the expiry date of perfume?

Perfumes, unlike cosmetics, do not have a fixed expiry date. However, once a bottle of perfume is open and used, the headspace, which the the amount of air let into the perfume will start to increa...
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Are perfume and cologne the same?

You may have seen all sorts of names in the fragrance section: eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne. What's the difference and why are some more expensive than another?  When we are formu...
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Is Perfume Oil really better than Alcohol?

There's a common belief that perfume oils are natural, stronger and more long-lasting than alcohol-based perfume. Here are some reason why we decided to use the best perfumery grade alcohol instead...
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Mindful ways to wind down

While working from home, has some upsides, many of us are feeling burnout from the exhaustion of continuously working and have almost no work-life balance. After almost 2 years of working from home...
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Perfumes you need to boost your mood

The use of scent to create good mood dated back to ancient times. In China, practitioners had been using fragrant herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Religiously, even today, the practice ...
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