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Perfumes to uplift spirit ( 1.5years since first #lockdown)

Perfumes to uplift spirit ( 1.5years since first #lockdown)

In this time of unprecedented stress, seeking calm or a way to boost and uplift our mood has become more than a moment of ‘me time’ – it’s absolutely vital to our wellbeing. Focusing on your sense of smell can help to control your breathing and forces your mind to concentrate on something beautiful for a change.

Our sense of smell is also directly linked to our limbic system, which stores memories and emotions, so using scent to uplift, unwind or soothe is a brilliant way of dealing with stress. Taking time to care for yourself should not be a luxury – hence our motto: make feeling good part of your daily life.

We’ve some fragrant ways to transport you somewhere beautiful, and change your mood in an instant.

And there’s research to back up those beliefs.

When you take a deep breath and inhale Scent Journer's mindful perfumes, they’re detected by the olfactory receptors in your nose and immediately produce nerve impulses to stimulate the limbic system which is the emotional part of the brain. It is thought by scientists that this activity of the nerve signal passing through the limbic system causes mood change by altering brain chemistry.

Scientists have conducted studies and found that citrus notes such as Bergamot are often regarded as instant upifting smells – they make us feel energised, like sunshine in a bottle – also found in The Blooming Jewel and Dancing Blue Bees.

garden of emotions

Here’s how to lift your spirits with Scent Journer Mindful Perfumes:

  • Spray perfume on pulse points

  • Close your eyes and inhale the fragrance, relax and see where it takes you, let your imagination run wild

  • If this fragrance is a place, where would it be?

  • Who else would be there? Allow yourself to picture the people you’re missing and imagine yourself laughing with them, hugging them again!


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