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Survive the heat – how to wear perfume in hot weather

Survive the heat – how to wear perfume in hot weather

In Singapore's hot and humid weather, you may find some fragrances seems ‘stronger’ or more overpowering, and unfortunately also simply ‘disappears’ on your skin with poor longevity. How can you help your scent survive the heat in Singapore?

Here at Scent Journer, we innovate our perfumes for the hot and humid Singapore weather. Our perfumes are brighter, airier as compared middle eastern niche fragrances (we love that resinous full-bodied perfume for the winter).


As our fragrances are lighter, they are not super long lasting. However, here's how you can prevent a favourite from disappearing so quickly?

1) Try using a unscented lotion before you spray perfume, it will take longer to evaporate on nourished skin. This helps the perfume ‘cling’ to your skin more easily.

2) Spray pulse-points. An interesting place to sprat is behind your knees – it’s a warm spot that helps you leave a fragrant trail, plus it an area with lesser contact with other objects as compared to your wrist.

3) Spray perfume at the nape of your neck, even into your hair and on dark clothes (not on light coloured clothes). We adore this way of wearing perfume, as hair and fabric are porous without heating up as much as your skin, allowing the perfume to stay all day.


Your favourite fragrances smell too ‘heavy’

You don’t have to do this to perfume you already love on its own, but if it’s suddenly feeling cloying rather than sensual, try layering! Give it a go: perfume isn’t a tattoo – if you don’t like it, you can wash it off!

Try layering with The Blooming Jewel, it is the lightest fragrance in the Garden of emotions collection. Moreover, it can add femininity and make your feel more beautiful. 


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