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Who we are

A passionate team based in Singapore, on a mission to empower you to feel your best with perfumes.

Our perfumes aren’t just made to smell good, they’re made to support your wellbeing because

Joyce Lian, founder of Scent Journer


We wanted more than just smelling good

Immediately uplift your mood

Our founder, Joyce Lian, found that whenever she surrounds herself with perfumery, it immediately uplifted her mood and made a huge impact on her stress-level.

Not what people had experience

However, after speaking to over 300 people, she realised that many people felt indifferent or worse, had adverse impact with their perfumes.
She soon found out the reason why: Many perfumes in the market are filled with nasty ingredients such as using methanol in alcohol to avoid alcohol tax (the cause of your headache) and are just build for special occasion/ the same old mass market preference.

Quality is of utmost importance

She knew that she could do better and set out her mission to empower others to feel their best with Scent Journer's creation. She knew that in order to translate this amazing uplifted feeling whenever you smell Scent Journer's fragrances, quality is of utmost importance.
Hence, she set out her journey as a Scent Journer to capture the healing essence of nature, making perfumes a shortcut to alter your emotional + physiological state.

This journey has taken her to develop 'mindful perfumes' that inspire to be a constant companion on your wellness journey – in your ups and downs, and in every precious moment.

Mindfully formulated with purpose

Creating nice smelling fragrances are basic for brands, we want to do more than just helping you to smell good on special occasion, we want to deliver more.

At Scent Journer, our perfumes are mindfully formulated with purpose and designed to empower you to feel your best.

What do we mean by "mindfully formulated"?

  1. Ingredients with Purpose
  2. Backed by Research & Consumer studies
  3. Safe for Daily Routine
  4. Better for Our Planet
  5. Unisex


Ingredients with purpose

A perfect mood-boosting perfume is the sum of its ingredients. Hence, we only work with manufacturers who are able to source high-quality ingredients required for our fragrances. We only use the best ingredients that are essential to a formula’s performance.

We are proud that our formulation are 85% naturally derived and not filled with unnecessary synthetic fillers.


Backed by Research & Consumer studies

We are proud of the fragrances we have created and it’s important to us that you love them too.

All our fragrances are developed from research into the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system to supplement your emotional needs.

Each active ingredient has a purpose — You can learn how the ingredients work, in supporting the wellness area you want to achieve, on our product pages.

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Clouds In Heaven


Safe for Daily Routine

Your fragrance should improve your wellbeing, not harm it.

We hold the safety of our ingredients to IFRA standards through the 50th Amendment and ASEAN Cosmetic Directive.

Our formulas do not, and never will, contain these ingredients:


Synthetic Dyes
Animal derived musk


Better for Our Planet

We source ingredients from ethical producers around the globe, with sustainable and energy efficient harvesting processes.

We are also proud to be a true Singaporean brand. Our production and formulation are done locally in Singapore, which reduces airmiles, fuel consumption, and emissions.

Our formulations are 100% animal cruelty-free too. It is important that no animal-derived ingredient, such as musk, is used in our formulation.



We want to empower you to make your own selection of perfumes, not constrained by common practice of gender labelling of feminine and masculine fragrance.

No one should not be judge by the fragrance worn, so we remove all gender labelling on fragrance and empower you to make your own choice of scent.

What if there is a better way to uplift your mood?

Feel better in a better way.

Animal Creuty Free
Preservative Free
No Gender Labeling
Natrually Derive


100% Preservative free,
No methanol, No Phthalates, No Parabens, No Sulfates



>85% Naturally derived

Healing Notes

Surround yourself with the healing notes of perfumery. Connecting & empowering you in your unique wellness journey.
Find out more about these therapeutic ingredients.

Step into this sensory Virtual Reality back to nature.

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How did Scent Journer logo came about?


Perfumes are made up of little particles called “volatile” organic compounds. The word “volatile” traced back to the Latin verb Volare, which means “to fly”. The scent of our perfumes fly and enter our noses and momentarily become part of us while enhancing our mood.


Birds are a symbol for freedom. Our fragrance brings you on a journey, a sensory virtual reality escape from city stress when you need a breather. Delivering the healing effect of nature around the world using olfactory chemistry.