Mindfully Formulated: Isopropylidene Glycerol in Scent Journer's Eco-friendly Room Sprays

In an era where consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what goes into their everyday products and are seeking eco-friendly, sustainable and safer alternatives. From household cleaners to cosmetics, the demand for environmentally conscious and non-toxic options is at an all-time high. Hence in our pursuit of creating mindful and luxurious fragrances, Scent Journer sources ingredients that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible. Here at Scent Journer, we want to make our products safe for anyone to enjoy and use, including children and our beloved pets. Thus, instead of the commonly used glycol ethers in room sprays, we scoured through many different solvents before finally landing on one solvent that reigned superior and checked all our boxes: Isopropylidene Glycerol.

What is Isopropylidene Glycerol?

Isopropylidene Glycerol is a revolutionary solvent derived from renewable sources such as glycerin. It boasts several advantages that make it our preferred solvent, however before we delve into them, we first need to understand why the conventional choice just didn't make the cut. 

So, what is the issue with our regular room sprays?

Conventional room spray formulas consist largely of water, alcohol, and a chosen fragrance oil, which is usually made up of various Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. VOCs are compounds that have a low boiling point and thus vaporize readily at room temperature and pressure. Fragranced products commonly produce VOCs due to the fragrance oils and alcohol inside. While some VOCs are naturally occurring and relatively harmless in low concentrations, in high concentrations, especially in enclosed indoor spaces, VOCs both synthetic and natural can pose significant health risks such as respiratory irritation, headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Some VOCs are also known carcinogens and can cause more severe health conditions such as cancer even at low concentrations. Moreover, VOCs released into the atmosphere can contribute to air pollution that would harm the ecosystem and wildlife. 

In addition, conventional room sprays and air fresheners typically contain glycol ethers. These organic compounds are often used as a solvent similar to Isopropylidene Glycerol to dissolve fragrance oils. However, acute exposure to glycol ethers has been shown to have adverse effects on human and animal health. Some effects in both animals and humans include eye and respiratory irritation due to inhalation, nausea, and vomiting. Accidental oral ingestion of glycol ethers in animals has also reported anemia and detrimental effects on their organs.

Benefits of Isopropylidene Glycerol

This is where Isopropylidene Glycerol comes in. Here are some of Isopropylidene Glycerol’s key features that align with our brand’s values and thus make it a compelling alternative to conventional room spray formulas. 


Isopropylidene Glycerol is derived from renewable resources namely glycerin which has a reduced environmental impact compared to petrochemical raw materials, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious consumers. Its biodegradable nature also ensures it breaks down harmlessly in the environment, minimizing ecological impact.

Low VOCs

As mentioned earlier, unlike traditional room sprays that contain high levels of VOCs, which can contribute to indoor air pollution and respiratory issues, Isopropylidene Glycerol does not contribute to the overall VOC content significantly and makes low VOC room sprays. This makes it a safer and healthier option for use in indoor spaces.

Enhanced Fragrance Performance

Isopropylidene Glycerol's superior solubility allows it to effectively dissolve and disperse fragrance oils, ensuring a long-lasting and consistent scent experience.


Isopropylidene Glycerol's versatility extends beyond just room sprays as it is a multi-functional ingredient for home fragrance products. It can also be used as a carrier for reed diffusers with adequate volatility and superior solubility allowing for a longer-lasting and strong scent. 

Our Scent Journer Reed diffusers also use Isopropylidene Glycerol as a base to ensure our signature scents fill every corner of your room through an eco-friendly medium. 

  1. Regulatory Compliance: Isopropylidene Glycerol complies with the stringent regulatory standards for safety and environmental sustainability. Its biodegradable and non-toxic properties make it an ideal choice for companies committed to responsible manufacturing practices. This combined with its low VOC content also means that Isopropylidene Glycerol products are safer for children and pets alike! 

Try our eco-friendly products!

As consumer preferences continue to shift towards sustainability and eco-consciousness, the demand for greener alternatives to conventional products will only continue to grow. For us, Isopropylidene Glycerol was the clear choice as it aligns with our commitment to ensuring the sustainability, quality, and safety of our products for our customers. Check out our line of Isopropylidene Glycerol-based products featuring our signature scents here and use them with ease of mind knowing they are a sustainable fragrance option. By choosing Scent Journer, you are not only ensuring a pleasant and safe environment for yourself and your loved ones but also contributing to a healthier planet. 

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