Microbiome Hydration Hand Sanitiser

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Scent Journer’s new MICROBIOME HYDRATION HAND SANITISER is the world's first* hand sanitiser that strengthens sensitive urban skin.


 Non-drying formulation
 Suitable for sensitive skin
98% natural origin ingredients
Delicately perfumes hands

*World first to market claim as of August 2022, searched on Mintel by Fensebiome™ Peptide INCI and Lubrizol’s internal success stories.

boost your skin's

Immunity & Hydration


No stickiness

Delicately perfumes

Hydrates & Smoothens

Replenishes good bacteria

the microbiome is...

An invisible protective shield of "good" bacteria that resides on the skin's surface.

Research has shown that people in close contact with nature have healthier and more protected skin because of higher bacterial diversity.

Due to urbanisation, we’ve become less exposed to nature and the world’s biodiversity, leading to less bacterial diversity and heightened skin sensitivity in the form of:

  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Other inflammatory disorders
How to promote Microbiome Health?

Fensebiome™ Peptide

Our Microbiome Hydration Hand Sanitizer contains Fensebiome™ Peptide, which helps to protect your skin from dehydration while also boosting its defence system.

Fensebiome™ Peptide is a heptapeptide that favours the presence of beneficial bacteria. This promotes a healthy microbiome, thus improving the skin’s immune response and creating a protective barrier effect.

improves skin smoothness

Decrease in skin roughness by 8.9% after repeated use

Skin roughness was evaluated with a real 3D microtopography imaging system based on fringe projection (PRIMOS) on the back of the hands. Tested with 44 female volunteers having dry, damaged and/or sensitive skin on hands, 5-8 applications a day for 7 days.

restores skin's hydration levels

Helps maintain the skin's hydration levels, which can be depleted due to frequent use of hand sanitiser

The hydration of hand skin was measured by means of a corneometer. Tested with 44 female volunteers having dry, damaged and/orsensitive skin on hands, 5-8 applications a day for 7 days.

minimises peeling of skin

Decreases skin desquamation by 2%

Skin samples were obtained through tape stripping from the back of the hands. The samples were analyzed by SquameScan™ to determine the stratum corneum (SC) protein content, equivalent to the level of skin desquamation.

Promotes adhesion of beneficial skin microbiota

Increased S epidermdis by 19% & decreased S aureus by 9%

Human keratinocytes treated with 50 μ g/mL Fensebiome ™peptide, for 24 h. Human keratinocytes were then exposed to fluorescently labelled S epidermdis and inactivated S aureus for 30 minutes.

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