21 Businesses to Get Sustainable Wedding Favours from in Singapore


We've put together a list of businesses in Singapore you can visit for sustainable, eco-friendly and locally made wedding favours for your low or zero waste wedding.

Sustainable and eco-friendly weddings are all the rage these days, and with more couples being more environmentally conscious, this trend is here to stay. Complete your low or zero waste wedding with sustainable and eco-friendly wedding favours that would inspire your guests to journey along with you to reuse, recycle and reduce for the betterment of our planet.


Before we dive into the businesses that support and promote a more sustainable lifestyle, let's talk about the terms 'sustainable' and 'eco-friendly' - what do they actually mean, and are they the same thing? 

Often used interchangeably, the terms 'sustainable' and 'eco-friendly' do not refer to the same thing, even though they both focus on social responsibility and environmental awareness. The term 'sustainable' refers to practices or behaviours that do not negatively impact future generations' ability to meet their needs environmentally, socially and economically by using up the Earth's resources at a rapid rate. 'Eco-friendly', on the other hand, means not environmentally harmful, from the production, manufacturing and right down to the packaging of a product. 

That means, a product can be sustainable and eco-friendly at the same time if it is not environmentally harmful, has no negative impact on the future and does not deplete resources at a rapid rate. But, an eco-friendly product may not necessarily be sustainable if it tables up a lot of energy to produce and cannot be disposed of correctly, thereby posing harm to the environment in the long run or using up too much resources. 

For example, a handmade bar soap made with all natural ingredients, wrapped in plastic, may be sustainable but not eco-friendly since it uses plastic packaging. Now, if the same bar of soap is wrapped with recycled packaging, it is then considered sustainable and eco-friendly. 


Now that you've distinguished what the two terms mean, you're ready to shop for wedding favours that meet either or both criteria for the sustainable and low or zero waste wedding you've been planning. Inspire your guests to pay more attention to the negative impact mindless living has had on our planet, and encourage them to start living more sustainably by gifting them with favours that can be reused or recycled, and locally made to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions. Instead of gifting a physical gift that they may or may not need, which eventually will end up as waste when they discard it, you can also consider gifting them with a Toto ticket or making a donation to a charitable organisation in their name. 

To help you get started on your search for local businesses where you can get your hands on sustainable wedding favours, we've put together a list of businesses you can shop for sustainable and eco-friendly wedding favours, ranging from candles in reusable glass jars or jars that can be given new life as a planting pod, to hand and locally made soap or shampoo bars and customised scents.

SCENT JOURNER’s Mindful & Sustainable Perfumes

Scent Journer is a true Singapore brand, with its production and formulation done locally in Singapore, reducing air miles, fuel consumption and emissions. Perfumes at Scent Journer are mindfully formulated with your emotional and physiological wellbeing in mind. The ingredients used in their perfumes are sustainably sourced from ethical producers around the globe, with sustainable and energy-efficient harvesting processes. Their formulations are 100% animal cruelty-free too. It is important that no animal-derived ingredient, such as musk, is used in their formulation.

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