The Scent Journer Bird

Our Logo Story

A symbol of mindfulness and a reminder to slow down

At the heart of Scent Journer's identity is a bird perched delicately upon a tree branch. This particular species, recognized as the yellow-vented bulbul, is often found nestled within the tranquil corners of Singapore. Unlike their showy and loud counterparts, these birds are demure and unobtrusive, gracing the world with their presence only for those willing to slow their steps and open their senses.

Freedom to source the best ingredients

Our Scent Journer bird scoured the world to find the most exquisite ingredients that mother nature has to offer. Along our journey, we've harnessed the healing essence of these volatile fragrant ingredients, nestling them within our fragrant garden. With "volatile" tracing back to the Latin verb "Volare," signifying "to fly," our Scent Journer bird embodies the freedom to source the best ingredients for our fragrance creations.

a gentle reminder to

Savour life's extraordinary moments

Perfumes are portals to a world where time slows down and where worries melt away.

A world where the quiet wisdom of our bird perched in repose teaches us to breathe, to feel, to be present, and to embrace life.