9 Perfumes to Add to Your Dresser This Season



If you love a breezy scent that exudes a sense of relaxation, Dancing Blue Bees by Scent Journer is the perfume for you. This aromatic and relaxing floral fragrance captures the essence of a golden blue sea of lavenders under the sun, transporting you to a serene and calming atmosphere.

Dancing Blue Bees combines soothing bergamot and ylang-ylang to create a warm and balsamic undertone that instantly evokes a sense of tranquillity. The addition of black pepper adds a touch of spice, enhancing the complexity of the fragrance and adding a subtle edge. The result is a luxurious scent that not only smells incredible but also has mood-enhancing properties.

Scent Journer takes pride in being a true Singaporean brand, with local production and formulations that reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Their perfumes are 100% animal cruelty-free, preservative-free, and free from methanol, phthalates, parabens, and sulphates. With more than 85% natural origin ingredients, Dancing Blue Bees is a safe and mindful choice for daily wear.

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