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Bergamot is an elegant, bright and aromatic citrus fruit. Bergamot is one of the essential notes of the Chypre accord, along with jasmine, rose, oakmoss and patchouli. It is used as a top note to lift heavier compositions.


+Relaxing +Uplifting


The major components in Bergamot (limonene, linalyl acetate and linalool) minimises symptoms of stress-induced anxiety while uplifting mood. Research has shown that inhaling bergamot affects HPA (hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal) axis by decreasing glucocorticoid levels, hence highly effective as a relaxant in supporting you during stressful moments (Lizarraga-Valderrama, 2020).

When studying the effects of inhalation of bergamot essential oil on mental health and well-being, a 2017 study showed a significant increase of positive feelings after exposure to bergamot EO for 15 min (Han et al., 2017).

In another study consisting of 41 healthy women, inhalation of bergamot essential oil was shown to significantly decrease salivary cortisol and improve their mood considerably (Watanabe et al., 2015).

Therefore, studies have shown that both the HPA axis and the GABAergic system are involved in the anxiolytic and antidepressant properties of bergamot Essential oil.


The flavour of Earl Grey tea comes from bergamot.


The essential oil of bergamot is expressed from the ripe fruit peel.
It is used extensively in perfumery for its sweet freshness.



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