Easy guide and 3 top tips to choosing perfume – gifting & for yourself

Scent Journer 3 top tips to choosing a fragrance takes all the worry and confusion out of choosing a new perfume – be that for gifting or as a treat for yourself.

With Christmas around the corner, fragrant gifts are much on our minds, so we create a guide to get you started on your journey as a Scent Journer.


1: If you already what type of perfume they like

Look for similar notes in the Garden of Emotions collection and avoid any notes/ ingredients that they absolutely dislike. 


2: If you’ve no idea what they like (or want to get them something new)

Think about how they dress and therefore the style of scent they probably prefer. Or consider their hobbies: sporty gym types might prefer fresher scents such as The Blooming Jewel, artistic types might prefer something more opulent and unique such as Clouds in Heaven.

However, we do know that sometimes choosing perfume isn’t always a matter of joining the dots. So the absolute best solution is to buy them a Discovery Box so they can try the Garden of Emotions collection in their own time. They may even surprise themselves with their favourite.

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3: How do I know if a fragrance suits me?

Give it TIME on your skin.
So many of us spray and only smell the opening top notes and purchase immediately. Let the perfume settle for twenty minutes or more to smell the middle or ‘heart’ notes. The ‘base’ notes are made from ingredients with the heaviest molecules, hence least volatile and would take several hours to warm and then evaporate on the skin. It is the heart notes and the lingering base notes which are crucial and what you would mainly smell throughout the day. Hence smell the perfume throughout the day and understand the full composition of the perfume before committing to a full bottle.
At least smell the perfume on a blotter first 
You may smell the Garden of Emotions collection through our Paper perfume kit too.

Remember: blotters are a useful way of eliminating something you absolutely dislike but they may not really be enough to base a perfume to purchase on.  You really need to smell the perfume on your skin. You may purchase a miniature after deciding which you would like to test on. 


Don’t try more than three at a time.

Your nose will become overwhelmed. You may smell your own bare skin to ‘re-set’ your sense of smell – smelling coffee beans is a fallacy, it’s just filling your nose with another smell!


Write down a few words to describe how you feel about each scent

These should be emotional words or things it reminds you of (a fabric / colour / place). It might sound abstract, but would be a true reflection of how a fragrance blend with your personality. Smell again few hours later and see if those words have changed.


The best way to find a new fragrance – as a gift or for yourself – is to try with a Discovery Box, showcasing the entire range of Garden of Emotions collection. With time to let them develop, zero pressure and scents you maybe surprise to discover, it’s the perfect way to find that new perfume love. Plus! You will be awarded with free $21 voucher


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