Yearning for travel? Let our fragrances whisk you away on a destination holiday

We are all LONGING to get away – those luxury destinations are beckoning to our souls like never before but travel plans also seem to be so far away. Hence, we are smelling some of these fabulously evocative and opulent scents. From far-flung fragrant lands to precious perfume jewels, in the garden of emotions collection and see where your nose would like to lead you.

The Blooming Jewel

Escape to the endless fresh rose garden high up the mountain in Yunnan where the breezy mountain air smells of honeyed pink roses. Smell feminine with a sensual with a touch of fruity jasmine. This fragrance is truly young and feminine with a twist of pyrazine baked notes at the back which makes it super addictive!

rose damascena


Dancing Blue Bees

Miss Provence and the endless field of lavender in the summer? Dancing blue bees is our take on the busy bees in the lavender field. We thought the little bees had so much similarity to us that we took inspiration from it. These bees dances (work) around the lavender everyday and collecting nectar to build their little homes of joy. The end result of their hard work is a warm, invigorating and comforting scent of lavender honey (miel de lavande). Smell and feel motivated, you will feel like you are working in the calming sea of lavender.

miel de lavande perfume

Clouds in Heaven

When we think of travel, looking out the plane windows to the endless fluffy clouds is the first thing we have in mind. We always feel excited and unwind for our holiday as we are nearing our holiday destination. Hence we created Clouds in Heaven to evoke the feeling of being up in the air, being among the fluffy clouds. This was inspired by a local delicacy, the pandan chiffon cake, fluffy and mellow like clouds. We hope the mood Clouds in Heaven evoke brings you feelings of serenity and comfort too. 

What is the travel destination you are dying to visit? How do you imagine it smelling like? We would love to recreate your memory of your holiday or even help your nose travel there first!


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