Perfumes for Couples: A New Romantic Bond

Is it weird if I wear the same perfume as my partner? 

Have you ever tried using or get so temped to use your partner’s perfume? No, it is not weird, you can wear the same perfume as him/her, this just means that both of you have the same taste in scent! And having a couple perfume/ stealing your partner’s perfume and using yourself is actually really common and nothing to be judged for. 

This is why Scent Journer perfumes are also build without any gender labeling, hence you are empowered and have the freedom to choose your own taste in perfume. 


Why smelling is our most powerful senses?

Smelling is very powerful as it is the only sense with a direct line to the brain. You may think that our sense of sight may be the most powerful but that is not true. A study carried out at the Rockefeller University has showed that we remember only 1% of what we touch, 2% of what we hear, 5% of what we see, 15% of what we taste and surprisingly 35% of what we smell!

Here's how wearing our perfumes as a couple may make you feel:

THE BLOOMING JEWEL - A bouquet of 280 vibrant and luminous roses to make you feel precious like jewels.

DANCING BLUE BEES - A relaxing date in the golden blue sea of lavenders under the sun-drenched bergamot air.

CLOUDS IN HEAVEN - Feel uniquely sensual and soft like clouds in the air with pandan and opulent tuberose.

A STARLIT SPELL - Shine like a star with exquisite orris dressing you in a powdery and comforting hug.

Couple perfume

Created memorable scented memories 

Using the same perfume as your partner is also a romantic way of bonding. It gives you opportunity to explore more styles of perfume that you may not had discovered when you stick to wearing your own gender-labelled fragrance. Using the same bottle of perfume also allows you to finish the bottle while its still fresh, giving you opportunity to finding a new one together. 




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