The Science Behind Scent Journer’s Fragrances

Innovative sensory supplement

Scent Journer’s fragrance is developed with the science of aromachology (literally aroma+psychology), which is the research of the psychological impact of scents on mood and cognitive functions. We harness the power from natural perfumery ingredients with the strategical help of our olfactory system,  Our sensory supplement is scientifically innovative, it creates a moment of pleasure, positive emotions and wellbeing for people using it. 

Here is a scientific summary of how Scent Journer’s fragrance can supplement your emotional needs.

Our Sense of Smell

The olfactory system is responsible for our sense of smell.

Olfactory Science

Here is how fragrance travel to your brain:

  1. When we breathe in SCENT JOURNER’s fragrance, the phytoncides (volatile organic compounds which play a vital role in plant immunity system) in fragrance are dissolved in mucus.
  1. Millions of odor receptor neurons in olfactory epithelium detect the phytoncides and transmit the information to the olfactory bulbs. These signals are then sent along olfactory tracts to the olfactory cortex through sensory transduction.

  1. The olfactory cortex is a component of the limbic system which has direct connections with the three most important part of our brain: the amygdala (forms emotional and memories); hippocampus (indexes and stores memories); and hypothalamus (regulates emotional responses). This is the system that connects our sense of smell with our emotions and memories.
  1. Within a nanosecond, you will experience the sensory effect of the key ingredients infused in Scent’s Journer fragrance that are proven with calming and relaxing properties, by reducing stress hormones and stimulate good mood.
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Relevance to you

Prioritizing self-care is essential to our mental health. Scent Journer’s fragrance is the fastest and easiest way to stimulates the parasympathetic (rest) nervous system, and reduces stress and anxiety. Making perfumery more meaningful and relevant in the stressful city life. We all need a little luxury of enjoyment, self-care, and pleasure.

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