Singapore Homegrown Perfume Brand Develops Mindfully-Formulated Fragrances


Made with ethically sourced natural ingredients, Scent Journer artisan perfumes are formulated to uplift your mood and make you feel...

Scent Journer is a homegrown perfume brand that takes a mindful and ethical approach to fragrance formulation. The brand uses natural ingredients that are ethically sourced, and the perfumes are designed to uplift mood and make users feel at best. The sense of smell is one of the more powerful senses in the human body, and it has a direct link to our emotions, memory, and general mood.

Joyce Lian, founder of Scent Journer says, “Smelling can be the fastest and easiest way to relieve stress. Perfumes from Scent Journer are not only designed to address the consumer’s most significant pain points with fragrances but also deliver tangible benefits such as calming and relaxing healing notes.”

At Scent Journer, ingredients were sourced from ethical global producers with sustainable and energy-efficient harvesting processes. The production and formulations are done locally, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Scent Journer is proud to be a true Singaporean brand, and the perfumes are not just made to smell good; they are 100% animal cruelty-free, preservative free with no methanol, phthalates, parabens and sulphates, with more than 85% natural origin ingredients. They are made to support well-being because your mood matters.

Newly Launched Perfume – A STARLIT SPELL

Made with 72.49% biodegradable ingredients, Scent Journer’s latest perfume, A Starlit Spell, is a luxurious fragrance intricately designed to envelop the wearer in a luxurious and relaxing experience. The fragrance opens with notes of wild iris, which create a fresh and earthy base, surrounding the wearer in a relaxing field of wild iris under the starry night sky. The top notes consist of mandarin and pear, giving way to a heart of iris, while the woody base notes of musk and sandalwood add depth and sophistication.

Mood-Boosting Trio

  • The Blooming Jewel is a vibrant and luminous rosy floral fragrance that is perfect for celebrating springtime and new beginnings. The fresh blooms of glowing roses are reminiscent of jewels shining in the sun, and the sweet fruitiness of the fragrance is sure to uplift your mood.
  • Clouds In Heaven is inspired by Singapore’s local delight, the fluffy Pandan Chiffon Cake. This beautiful white floral scent is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere, thanks to its sweet and creamy undertones, tuberose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.
  • Dancing Blue Bees is an aromatic and relaxing floral fragrance that transports you to the golden blue sea of lavenders under the sun. Soothing bergamot and ylang-ylang create a warm, balsamic undertone, while black pepper adds a touch of spice.
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