Why is Scent Journer’s logo a bird? The Story behind Scent Journer

In an interview with CNA 938, Joyce Lian, the founder and fragrance designer of the local perfume brand Scent Journer, shares the story behind the brand’s logo of a bird and the essence of Scent Journer.

A Journey as a Scent Journer

Joyce unravels the layers of meaning behind the brand's name, which emphasizes a mindful approach toward perfumery.

A: I really wanted to take a more mindful approach towards perfumery. So treating it as a journey, you are the Scent Journer, taking along that journey with us. 

The Symbolism of Scent Journer’s bird logo: A Yellow-Vented Bulbul

It’s a reminder to slow down and a symbol of mindfulness.

A: Our logo is also a bird, the bird is actually a yellow-vented bulbul species. They are actually really quiet birds that you can find around Singapore, only when you take that mindful approach to slow down and really observe your surroundings, and bring that nature with you.

Fun Fact about the yellow-vented bulbul:

The yellow-vented bulbul, or eastern yellow-vented bulbul, is a member of the bulbul family of passerine birds. It is often found nestled within the tranquil corners of Singapore. Unlike their showy and loud counterparts, these birds are demure and unobtrusive, gracing the world with their presence only for those willing to slow their steps and open their senses.The adult has brown upperparts, dark crown and loral stripe, broad white supercilium, white throat, whitish underparts with vague streaks and yellow vent!

A Representation of Freedom and Nature

Exploring the bird's representation, Joyce explains how it signifies freedom in sourcing superior ingredients globally.

A: It’s also a bird because it represents freedom to source the best ingredients around the world.

It’s Symbolic Connections to The Volatility of Perfumes

Delving deeper into symbolism, the logo's avian motif resonates with the volatile nature of perfumes, drawing a parallel with the Latin root 'volatile' meaning 'to fly'.

A: Perfumes are made of volatile ingredients. In Latin, ‘volatile’ means to fly. So we chose a bird as our logo.

The Multifaceted Symbolism of Scent Journer's Logo

Scent Journer's logo, which is portrayed by the yellow-vented bulbul, encapsulates layers of meaning and symbolism. Rooted in nature and freedom, and resonating with the volatility of perfumes. The brand wants to invite individuals to partake on a fragrance-ful journey as a Scent Journer and to really slow down with their perfume and bring that nature along with them.


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