The Story Behind The Creation Of Microbiome Hydration Hand Sanitiser

Scent Journer’s new MICROBIOME HYDRATION HAND SANITISER is the world-first hand sanitiser that strengthens sensitive urban skin. It promotes microbiota balance and diversity by increasing beneficial bacteria that is found in healthy skin that have higher contact with nature. It also reinforces skin’s physical barrier function, soothing and hydrating skin while protecting you from harmful bacteria.

*World first to market claim as of August 2022, searched on Mintel by Fensebiome™ Peptide INCI and Lubrizol’s internal success stories.

Growing up, Joyce Lian, the founder of Scent Journer, has seen how her sister suffered bad bouts of eczema (atopic dermatitis) flare out which includes irritating itchiness, dry and inflamed damaged skin. Since Covid-19, her sister suffered from dry sensitive skin on her palms while trying to embrace the new normal of constant application of hand sanitiser. She knew that the conditions that her sister suffered from was not just unique to her, hence the chemist in her knew that she needs to formulate a hand sanitiser that is non-drying for sensitive skin.

Out of every 10 people, at least one will have eczema sometime in their life and this number is expected to rise and is much higher in urban cities as our interaction with nature decreases. This reduced exposure to nature has resulted in decrease microbiota diversity on skin causing increased skin sensitivity and inflammatory disorder such as allergies and eczema.

Through her research, she found that people with eczema have a low bacterial diversity. When eczema flares, skin is dominated with high amount of bad bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) that causes inflammation and low amount of beneficial bacteria which produce enzyme that can slow the growth of bad bacteria (Staphylococcus epidermidis).

While researching and formulating hand sanitiser, she had explored formulating with high concentration of aloe vera extract. However, the commonly available hand sanitiser with aloe vera extract does not seem to solve dryness and skin sensitivity cause by harshness of hand sanitizer. She had also explored using prebiotic ingredient, such as inulin, that is commonly used to enhance human gut microbiota status. However, it has less known cosmetic usage as a skin microbiota regulator.

Finally, her experimentation and research led her to Fensebiome™ peptide. This award winning (GOLD at the ITEHPEC Innovation Awards 2018 held during in-cosmetics™ Latin America) heptapeptide help boost the skin’s own defense system as a prebiotic ingredient to increase the microbial diversity and enhance beneficial bacterial adhesion (S. epidermidis) to the skin. Scent Journer MICROBIOME HYDRATION HAND SANITIZER is the global first to market hand sanitiser that contain Fensebiome™ peptide.

Therefore, Scent Journer MICROBIOME HYDRATION HAND SANITIZER is not just a hand sanitiser that help to protect you from bad bacteria, it helps to reinforce both the physical skin barrier and immunity of the skin by supporting a healthy skin microbiota, while helping to counteract skin scaliness (which is common on eczema skin) by enhancement of superficial skin cell cohesion. After 7 days of application, skin is found to be 8.9% less rough, 5.7% more hydrated and 2% less flaky. It has also shown the increase in adhesion of beneficial skin microbiota by 19% (S.epidermidis) and decrease in inflammatory bacteria by 9% (Staphylococcus aureus).



✔ Non-drying formulation

Contains Fensebiome™ Peptide to enhance the skin’s microbiota and maintain the skin hydration levels

✔ 98% natural origin ingredients

Non-toxic formulation, no methanol, no paraben

✔ Delicately perfuming hands

While cleansing the skin of dirt and bad bacteria safely


Below are some studies conducted that shows the efficacy of Scent Journer MICROBIOME HYDRATION HAND SANITIZER.


Microbiome Hydration Hand SanitiserWorld First Microbiome Friendly Hand Sanitiser

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