How is perfume made in Scent Journer?

“Perfumery is the perfect combination of art and chemistry. The inspiration and creativity makes it an invisible but impactful art.

While mindfully formulating with the latest ingredients and scientific innovation allow us to impart emotions and sustainability into our perfumes” 

Joyce, founder of Scent Journer

At Scent Journer, creating a perfume is a long process of research and product development. The average amount of time required to release a perfume from start to finish is approximately 1.5 years. 


Perfume spray A Starlit Spell

The olfactive inspiration

Our first step to any new creation is to have a new olfactive vision. We focused on a main ingredient to impart emotions and story. On top of that, we also create visual impact allowing you to see the colour of fragrance in your mind.

Lastly, the combination of different notes create the emotional impact of our fragrance.

Perfume Main ingredient Colour Mood Combination of notes
The Blooming Jewel Rose Soft, fresh, Pink Bright, self-love, uplifting Bergamot (bright, uplifting) , camomile roman (innocent fruity touches)
Dancing Blue Bees Lavender Dreamy blue- Purple Relaxed, cosy hug, warm Black pepper (spicy warmth), vanilla (comforting and cozy)
Clouds in Heaven Pandan Creamy Green Sensual, unusual, unique Tuberose, Jasmine (white florals for sensual touches)
A Starlit Spell Orris Bright midnight blue Refreshed, invigorated, elegant, comforting, peaceful Pear (elegant and young), vetiver (grounding), aldehydes (refreshing & invigorating)


The Perfumer

Once the fragrance direction is clear, we start working with perfumers from top fragrances houses. He/ She holds the painter’s brush and makes the idea come to live.

At this point, we talk to our perfumers about the concentration of natural ingredients, usage of innovation and latest technology as well as the sustainability and sourcing of raw material.

Lastly, the budget of the fragrance is also set. At Scent Journer, we take priority in creating the best olfactory art piece, hence, budget is always of least importance.

Our mission is to create fragrances that empower you to feel your best. 

Therefore, to reach our goal, we focus heavily on using the best ingredients and also ingredients that are sourced ethically and sustainably. For example, A Starlit Spell contains 72.49% biodegradable ingredients, contains natural molecules that are 100% carbon renewable (such as beta pinene, orange terp Citronova), 89% of natural ingredients are responsibly and ethically sourced and also uses 100% upcycled eugenol.

As much as naturals are beautiful, it is important at Scent Journer that these are sourced ethically that allows the next generation of producers to continue to harvest tomorrow on what is ethically planted today, to improve their livelihood and also restore biodiversity. 

An example of using green chemistry is using 100% upcycled eugenol where the naturally fallen leaves from the clove tree is collected with undergoes a series of chemical transformation to create new fascinating natural molecules. 


The Evaluation

Over here, neat fragrance oil diluted with ethanol is evaluated based on the longevity. Ethanol is usually chosen as the best carrier as it has high volatility to carry the fragrance into the air that creates the sillage (scent trail). It is also important to only evaluate the fragrance after at least a week of dilution with ethanol.

Testing on different skin is also extremely important to understand the longevity, sillage and if the scent is satisfactory. It is also important to test it with different sprays and bottle as different spray mechanism creates a different experience.

The process repeats until the formulation is perfected. 

Finally, the selected fragrance formulated with fMRI technology (which measure the brain waves of certain ingredients and how it impact the mood of consumer) goes through another round of consumer research. 

We create fragrance that empower you, not just us.

Hence, we send at least 100 sets of 3 finalised fragrance for our loyal customer to select the fragrance that makes them feel the best. We also ask a series of questions on the performance and any negative impact (such as heaviness that causes headache) etc.

This selection of customer consist of both male and female, to allow our fragrance to be gender neutral.

gender neutral perfume

We want to empower you to make your own selection of perfumes, not constrained by common practice of gender labelling of feminine and masculine fragrance.

No one should be judge by the fragrance worn, so we remove all gender labelling on fragrance and empower you to make your own choice of scent. 

Compliance and sensitivity

Lastly, it is important that our fragrance is in compliance with IFRA 50, ASEAN Cosmetic Directive, EU cosmetic regulation etc…

We believe that spraying your favourite perfume is a form of self-care that should be performed as much as possible, not just on special occasions. Hence, in order for you to enjoy that beautiful intimate process of enjoying your fragrance in a mindful state, it is important that the fragrance is safe for daily routine. 

In conclusion, this article also sumarises on our "mindfully formulated" process.
  1. Ingredients with Purpose
  2. Backed by Research & Consumer studies
  3. Safe for Daily Routine
  4. Better for Our Planet
  5. Unisex


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