What goes behind the creation of Scent Journer perfume bottle?

All of Scent Journer’s perfumes comes in the same bottle design, labelled with a velvety sticker accent with gold touches. 

Scent Journer perfume bottle

Why doesn’t each bottle come with its own unique bottle design? 

At Scent Journer, we are using perfume to empower you to feel your best with new olfactive creation. We are not selling a perfume as a vanity table decoration, we want you to use and enjoy the perfume in your daily routine. Our perfume can uplift and boost your mood, allowing you to express your emotions and smelling the healing notes of nature. 

This explains why Scent Journer bottle focus on a simple yet classic beauty of transparent bottle, capped with a magnetic cap that enhances user experience. The clean and minimalistic design allows the ‘juice’ of the perfume to be the main focus and shine.

Secondly, the minimalistic design also signify that the freedom to choose your own taste in perfume without being restricted in gender labelled packaging. This to allow you to feel comfortable in wearing the perfume of your choice. 

No one should be judge by the fragrance worn, so we remove all gender labelling on fragrance and empower you to make your own choice of scent.

Should I keep the perfume bottle in the original tube box?

Yes, this will increase the shelf life of the perfume as the tube box is designed to block out any sunlight and UV rays from changing the composition of the perfume and also to protect photosensitive ingredients such as citruses like bergamot. 

Fun fact: our tube box are also build with cushion, hence it also help us to decrease the use of plastic bubble wrap during transportation.

How do I keep the perfume fresh as long as possible? 

In order to maximize the shelf life of perfume, always keep it out of sunlight and humidity. Simply store it the same way as how you would store your cosmetic and skincare products.

However, we always recommend you to use your perfume finish within 2 years. Spraying perfume is a form of self-care and we believe you should feel your best everyday, not just on special occasion. 



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