Within an imagined laboratory filled with magical jars and mesmerizing scent, unfolds the olfactory stories behind SCENT JOURNER’s fragrances.

She walked into the laboratory. Indeed, the air smelled bewitchingly inviting, just as what her friend had described. The same lady, Scent Journer, greeted her. This time, she was wearing a coat of white feathers that shone like silver linings of clouds.

“My friend told me about a booth that I have to experience,” she asked.

“Come along with me” SCENT Journer said as she led the way to the sensory VR booth.

“Close your eyes”, as she placed the silky blindfold on her, “press the button when you are ready to go on the journey of your desire.”

The air became still as the clicking sound of Scent Journer’s heels became fainter. She took a deep breath and pressed the button. Mist and wind surrounded her, she felt light, like she was in the air. 

As the mist faded, she entered a dream world where everything was peaceful and quiet. She was floating high above the world and landed on the cushiony soft clouds. The clouds, so mellow and comforting, yet seductive and voluptuous. The air felt so soft yet dangerously seductive, so alluring, like a weapon. 

“So this is how it feels like to be on top of the world” she dreamed.

The scent of soft, yet sensual white florals smelled lustrous like a goddess glowing in the air. She had never felt so rested and unwind. Slowly, the scent faded and she was transported back to the booth. In her hands was a bottle labelled “CLOUDS IN HEAVEN”. 

TOP : Pandan, Honeysuckle

HEART : Tuberose, Jasmin, Ylang ylang

BASE : Heliotrope, Coconut


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