Within an imagined laboratory filled with magical jars and mesmerizing scent, unfolds the olfactory stories behind SCENT JOURNER’s fragrances.

She knew she had to visit the laboratory again. The same bewitchingly inviting air greeted her. This time, Scent Journer was wearing a coat of glistening purple feathers that glowed like amethyst.

“You found our laboratory again, the sensory VR booth must have fancy you”, she said. 

“Isn’t your laboratory always here?” she asked. She knew that it had been strange that only one of her friends managed to find this place even though she had told her unbelievable story and given the exact location to many of her friends.

“Come along with me” Scent Journer said as she led the way to the sensory VR booth. 

She went into the booth excitedly and sat on the same green velvet chair.

“Close your eyes”, as she placed the silky blindfold on her, “ you know what to do, press the button when you are ready to experience”.

Although it was her second time, this mysterious laboratory still gave her butterflies in her stomach, yet so alluring she came back for more. As the door of the booth closed, the air became still and she pressed the button and entered a soft blue glow.

She was transported to the endless aromatic golden blue sea of lavender. Bees were dancing under the sun drenched bergamot air and collecting lavender pollen. Their dance felt intensely mesmerising, filled with so much energy and motivation. She raised her face to the endless meadow, inhaling as much as she could. She wanted to halt time and live in this magical moment forever.

The sun began to set as she followed the enchanting bees dancing their way back to their little home of joy. The scent of the magical bees' home was so captivating, beautifully aromatic and floral. It was the scent of their hard work and sweetness of success. A scent so motivating with clarity, reminding her of her passions and unrealised dreams. 

Slowly, the scent faded and she was transported back to the booth. In her hands was a bottle labelled “DANCING BLUE BEES”. 

TOP : Bergamot, Black pepper, Ylang ylang

HEART : Lavender, Jasmin

BASE : Tonka bean, Honey, Vanilla bean


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