Within an imagined laboratory filled with magical jars and mesmerizing scent, unfolds the olfactory stories behind SCENT JOURNER’s fragrances.

She walked into the laboratory, the air smelled bewitchingly inviting. There was a lady with a peculiar coat of shiny feathers, a tag on her that reads: SCENT JOURNER. She looked at her and smiled.

“Can I show you our latest sensory innovation?” Scent Journer asked.

Scent Journer walked her to a glass booth that reads “SENSORY VR”, in the booth was a green velvet chair. She placed a silky blind fold on her. 

“No peeking”, she whispered. “When you are ready, press this button and it will bring you somewhere special”.

“To where?” she asked.

“To your desire, which you will find out very soon,” she replied.

Nervous yet curiously excited, she sat on the velvet chair, she could feel the air becoming still as the door of the booth closed. She pressed the button and entered a rosy haze.

The air became cool and misty. She was transported to a rose garden, high above the mountain. She could smell the fresh beautiful pink roses that bloomed and glowed like jewels in the morning sun. Morning dew glistened on the petals and butterflies danced. She was mesmerized by this beauty.

“So this is love, it smells beautiful,” she inhaled. 

In the middle of the garden was a giant rose that thrones majestically and was as stirring as dawn. She could feel the beautiful energy it was emitting and as she walked towards it, its scent became sweeter and more intense, yet she could not get enough of it. Carefully, she touches the silky petal of the rose.

“Who needs romance when one wields the power of self-love?” the rose sang.

The air slowly became still again and she was transported back to the booth. In her hands was a bottle labelled “THE BLOOMING JEWEL”. 


TOP : Turkish Rose, Bergamot

HEART : Morocco Rose, Jasmine, Chamomile Roman

BASE : Guaiacwood, Honey


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