How to find new perfume in Singapore – tips & tricks to try before you buy

At Scent Journer, we take pride in giving our customer the best experience before committing to a full sized bottle of perfume. 
If you are bored and want a new fragrance to try, need tips on how to smell it as a perfumer does or how to describe what you’re smelling, continue reading to help you enjoy your perfumes even more.

1) Your taste in fragrance can change over time – just as your taste in food – depending on weather, what you have eaten recently, your mood and hormones.
So, take your time to explore a new scent out of your comfort range.

2) Spray on a smelling strip first and come back to it at hourly intervals. Write down your initial thoughts, then re-try a few days (and weeks) later.
You can test out Scent Journer perfumes using our paper perfume kit.
Scent Journer paper perfume kit
We know that a full bottle can be a big investment and not everyone happens to live near a shop with a great selection. That’s why we put together carefully curated Discovery Boxes. Our Launches We Love Discovery Box is a stunning selection of new names, with gorgeous mini bottles and generous samples from niche and luxury houses we know you’re going to love as much as we do…
3) Smell has no distinct language. If you’re struggling to describe a scent, try comparing it to fabric (is it velvety, suede-like, cotton fresh, silken or fluffy?) or even flavours you get in food. Or you might picture a place – imagine the air temperature and scenery it evokes. 

All Scent Journer perfumes are formulated to evoke a picturesque image in your mind, much like a sensory VR experience. When you smell The Blooming Jewel, you could imagine a rose garden in the mountain of Yunnan, fresh breezy mountain air scented with honeyed roses. 
perfume that smell like Roses in mountain 
4) Your nose get 'nose fatigue' from smelling the same things, so avoid wearing the same thing daily. Try layering to re-awaken your senses or branch out with exciting new discoveries! If you are wearing Clouds in Heaven, you can try adding rosy notes to it with The Blooming Jewel!

5) Fragrance molecules are volatile and evaporate at different rate.
Citruses, like bergamot, are lightest, often found in top notes and disappears rapidly; florals are middle notes while base notes are heavier, woody or resinous. Make these stages last longer by using an unscented body lotion, spray into your hair or on clothes. Spraying on fabric (or your hair) also helps make it last longer with better sillage as the molecules don’t warm up so quickly (and evaporate) as on skin. Perfumes also do not last long in Singapore due to our hot weather! So keep your skin moisturized and the perfume will cling on to your skin longer.  

6) Don’t know what to try next? 
Discovery set are THE best way to try new things, dive nose-first into the Garden of Emotions collection and choose your favourite mood booster! Get awarded with $30 voucher when you try our perfumes with the discovery set too!
Perfume discovery set


We know that a full bottle can be a big investment. That’s why we put together a  beautifully packaged Discovery Box. We know you’re going to love as much as we do.


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