Is Perfume Oil really better than Alcohol?

There's a common belief that perfume oils are natural, stronger and more long-lasting than alcohol-based perfume. Here are some reason why we decided to use the best perfumery grade alcohol instead of oils for Scent Journer perfumes.

Misconception 1: Perfume oil contain more fragrance oil

Unfortunately, this is not true. The dosage of fragrance, whether in oil or alcohol should be done according to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulation which is based according to the regulated allergen in the fragrance oil. Too much fragrance oil in any perfume may result in allergic reaction which includes rashes, whether or not the ingredients are natural. Please make sure that the perfume you buy follows IFRA regulation.


Misconception 2: Alcohol based perfume is less natural and toxic

This is not true too. True perfumery uses high grade of alcohol and the alcohol should never be denatured in methanol which is a carcinogen. In Scent Journer, we pride ourselves to only use naturally-derived 200 proof ethanol that is not denatured in methanol. As chemist, we know that the harmful effects of methanol is chronic and harmful effects are not immediate. Hence we sourced and import the best perfumery grade alcohol. Please note that you cannot find perfumery grade alcohol in Singapore unless imported. Your health and safety is important to us and we will never use something that is harmful just to smell good.



Alcohol based perfumes have longer shelf life

This is true as the alcohol used in Scent Journer is 200 proof which is the highest purity and do not contain water. Water is the reason for bacteria attacks which makes the product spoil. For oil based perfumes, its high oil content subject your perfume to high oxidation rate, which meant that your perfume would turn rancid and smell sour faster as compared to an alcohol based perfume. 


Alcohol based perfumes have better projection

The reason why alcohol is commonly used as base of perfume is due to its high volatility, which means that the alcohol helps the fragrance molecule diffuse into the air better and hence people around you would be able to smell your perfume more. This result in a much better sillage which creates a scent trail as compared to oil based perfumes which has subtle projection. If you love the idea of leaving your scent as you go, alcohol based perfume is for you. 


Singapore humidity

Another big factor in our consideration is Singapore's hot and humid weather. Although oil based perfume do last longer on skin, the application may feel greasy and unpleasant to some. When alcohol evaporate from skin, it leaves a pleasant cooling effect which would be a perfect touch before leaving the house to the extreme hot humidity all year round. 

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