Are perfume and cologne the same?

You may have seen all sorts of names in the fragrance section: eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne. What's the difference and why are some more expensive than another? 

When we are formulating these mood boosting perfumes for Scent Journer, finding the right concentration is an important part of our experiment as the longevity and projection is just as important as choosing the perfect scent. If it is too light, user would not be able to enjoy the scent long enough. If it is too strong, it is going to be heavy and overwhelming.

Here is how Scent Journer perfumes are made. Firstly, we blend the natural and synthetic oils that give fragrances their scent. Then, we add perfumery grade alcohol to stabilize the scent and dilutes the oils to create what you smell on your skin, before adding this liquid gold into the lovely bottles. The amount of alcohol used is just as important as the fragrance oils as it controls longevity of the perfume. Below is a simple diagram that tell you how concentrated the fragrance oils are, the higher the concentration, the stronger and more long lasting the scent would be.

edp edt edc difference

At Scent Journer, we use the highest concentration of fragrance possible so that it last all day while keeping the fragrance smelling light enough for Singapore's weather. On top of testing longevity of the fragrance, the sillage is also part of our consideration. The sillage is the scent trail or how far the fragrance diffuse from your body to the air around you.

The concentration of the fragrance that Scent Journer use is also formulated according to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulation which is based according to the regulated allergen in the fragrance oil. Our perfumes are also made to last on the skin all day without giving you or the person close to you a headache. Hence EDP is more expensive as compared to EDT and EDC concentration.


Eau de toilettes have a lower concentration of perfume oils between 4 to 8 percent. Hence they do not last as long as EDP and are made for a lighter wear on the skin, which would not last until the end of the evening.


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