Perfume etiquette for different occasions

Have you ever experienced someone wearing a really intense perfume in a professional setting or even a funeral that seems almost inappropriate, like a fragrance dressed for clubbing? 

Wearing too much perfume that is too intense for a formal occasion can even be considered vulgar and unthoughtful. Perfume etiquette or social rules may not be very straightforward, however, here are some recommendations for different occasions. 

Here are some tips to use your perfume:

At work.

Apply your fragrance on the inner jacket/ blazer. This can help the fragrance last throughout your working hour as the fabric is able to trap the fragrance better than your skin. However, do not spray it all over your body and clothes. If the fragrance is intense, it may seem too over the top and attention seeking.

We recommend wearing Dancing Blue Bees in Scent Journer collection for work too. It is formulated with 3 different types of lavender to help you feel more calm at work, it also contain a awakening warmth from black pepper and vanilla with excellent longevity of 8-9 hours. 

In your personal life.

This is the time to wear whatever makes you feel good! Try perfuming your hair for that extra sillage when wind blows! 

In your daily life.

Scent Journer perfumes are build for daily routine, we suggest having a wardrobe of fragrance to switch around according to your mood. Use one that make you feel most comfortable and empowered. 

If you are getting bored of your fragrance, you can also try layering! Layering can add a different dimension to your fragrance. For example, if you layer The Blooming Jewel on top of Dancing Blue Bees, it helps uplifts the fragrance with refreshing notes of bergamot and adds more feminine to the fragrance with rose. 


To work out.

We recommend wearing a light and refreshing fragrance for workout. However, as you can get hot and sweaty, the perfume may react differently on your skin. Since a typical workout does not last longer than 2 hours, we suggest spraying it after a bath to feel clean, refreshed and rewarded for your productive workout.



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