Unisex perfumes: does perfume have gender?

Do you know, it is unknown who decided the gender of perfume notes?

Ideas may have came from cliché association that women smells like flowers and men smells strong like hunters in the woods (woody fragrance), or leather (from cars).

In fact, until the end of the 19th century, perfumes made were used by both men and women.

The label of masculine and feminine fragrance only started mainly for easier marketing, for better promotion and positioning to sell the fragrance with the use of celebrities. Fortunately, the modern niche perfumery is starting to leave gender labelds behind. Just like in fashion, where clothing becomes more neutral where women wear men’s jacket and men wear female bags, people no longer want to be labelled. 

At Scent Journer, our fragrances are gender neutral. We want to empower you to make your own selection of perfumes, not constrained by common practice of gender labelling of feminine and masculine fragrance.

No one should be judge by the fragrance worn, so we remove all gender labelling on fragrance and empower you to make your own choice of scent. 

Scent Journer perfumes are built around a main ingredient rather than a marketing concept. We focus heavily on creativity to build a new olfactive vision without any gender in mind. The combination of different notes creates its own unique mood for each fragrance and ingredients are selected with purpose.


Main ingredient



Combination of notes

The Blooming Jewel


Soft, fresh, Pink

Bright, self-love, uplifting

Bergamot (bright, uplifting) , camomile roman (innocent fruity touches)

Dancing Blue Bees


Dreamy blue- Purple

Relaxed, cosy hug, warm

Black pepper (spicy warmth), vanilla (comforting and cozy)

Clouds in Heaven


Creamy Green

Sensual, unusual, unique

Tuberose, Jasmine (white florals for sensual touches)

A Starlit Spell


Bright midnight blue

Refreshed, invigorated, elegant, comforting, peaceful

Pear (elegant and young), vetiver (grounding), aldehydes (refreshing & invigorating)

Mindfully formulated with purpose

Creating nice smelling fragrances are basic for brands, we want to do more than just helping you to smell good on special occasion, we want to deliver more.

At Scent Journer, our perfumes are mindfully formulated with purpose and designed to empower you to feel your best.

What do we mean by "mindfully formulated"?

  1. Ingredients with Purpose
  2. Backed by Research & Consumer studies
  3. Safe for Daily Routine
  4. Better for Our Planet
  5. Unisex 



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