Why does perfume smells different depending on who wears it?

Not only does a perfume smell different on different skin, it also smells different from the blotter/ smelling strip a.k.a the paper that sales assistant spray on.

Hence, it is important to test the fragrance on you before committing to one. 

The reason why perfume smells different on everyone is because everyone skin is different, our skin pH is different, our diet is different and our microbiome is different. Hence this changes how perfume smells on our skin. 

Firstly, the scent of the perfume is different on you because of your diet. Like that they say, you are what you eat. Hence, if your diet consist of alot of herbs and spices, it can change how your perfume smells. Secondly, our skin pH and even skin temperature and microbiome is different depending on where we live.

Lastly, if the hydration level of skin also affect the longevity of perfume. Hence if you have dry skin, you may want to apply an unscented moisturizer so that your perfume have something to stick to. Whereas, if you have sweaty and oily skin, you may much prefer fresher fragrance to feel more clean, refreshed and comfortable.

Discovery set
to test the perfume on you before committing to one. 

This is why we created a discovery gift set for you to try out our classic perfumes at your own pace before committing to one. Scent Journer perfumes are formulated to empower and uplift your mood! You can also get a free $20 voucher* when you purchase the Discovery gift Set today. It is also perfect for gifting to a friend when you do not know what he or she likes.



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