Why can't I smell my own perfume?

Have you ever gotten the comment that you smell amazing but you thought your perfume was already long gone and you can’t smell it? 

You have always wondered why can’t you smell yourself when others can still smell the perfume on you. Here, we answer this mystery- the answer is very simple: your nose has gotten used to the scent. 

Our sense of smell is build for primitive uses: to sense danger for survival. That's why our noses are important to detect smoke from fire or unpleasant sour smell from spoiled food. This is to keep us safe.

Therefore, the reason why you stop smelling your perfume is because your brain has marked your perfume as your own smell as you wear it often. The second reason is because you have nose fatigue as you smell it too often. Hence, after resting your nose for awhile, you are able to smell it again.

Explore more fragrances

When we keep using the same perfume, we get so used to it that we smell less of it because our noses are so used of the smell. Soon, you become bored of the scent. Therefore, this is the reason why we recommend exploring fragrance of different family and even owning more than one perfume in your fragrance wardrobe. This allows you to wear fragrance according to your mood, like how you would dress yourself up for the day. You may discover new fragrance you never thought you would like as our taste changes as we age just like how we dress different in different stages of our lives. 




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