The process of creating Scent Journer’s perfumes

Perfume creation is an intricate journey that involves a meticulous process starting from ideation to sustainable production. In an interview with CNA 938, Joyce Lian, the founder and fragrance designer of local perfume brand Scent Journer, unveils the process behind the creation of Scent Journer’s perfumes and emphasizes her commitment to sustainability

Joyce Lian shares insights into the intriguing world of perfume-making at Scent Journer, revealing the initial stages of creating fragrances that resonate with consumers' emotions and preferences. 

Melanie: I also wanted to know Joyce, how perfumes and fragrances are created from the start. Because when I look at your Instagram, I see you in a lab coat stirring colorless liquids and then filling different perfume vials, so take us through this process on how these fragrances are created.

A: So actually mixing of the liquid is one of the final steps to the whole production process. The first step actually starts with the ideation.

First Step: Ideation

The ideation process involves highlighting unique key ingredients for each fragrance. Joyce emphasizes the significance of selecting a central ingredient to address consumers' dissatisfaction with similar-smelling perfumes in stores. The fragrances, such as THE BLOOMING JEWEL, DANCING BLUE BEES, and CLOUDS IN HEAVEN, boast distinct key elements like Rose, Lavender, and Pandan, respectively.

A: What we found out about a consumer pain point is that they enter a perfume store and everything starts to smell very similar to each other. So what we did is that we really chose a key ingredient to highlight for each of the fragrances. And the artistic side of me really sees colors in fragrances. So for example, THE BLOOMING JEWEL is pink, and DANCING BLUE BEES is purple. They all have different key ingredients inside it. So THE BLOOMING JEWEL is a rose scent and DANCING BLUE BEES is a lavender one. CLOUDS IN HEAVEN is where we want to put more relatability to our fellow Singaporean consumer with Pandan inside.

Second Step: Emotions and Mood Development

Delving deeper into the creative process, Joyce explains the consideration of emotions and mood, crucial aspects influencing the development of each fragrance. The journey to conceptualizing a fragrance that captures specific emotions and moods for consumers spans approximately a year.

A: Then we think about the mood, what emotions we want to bring to our consumer. So each fragrance takes us about a year to launch

Third Step: Naming the Fragrances

The evolution of each fragrance's name coincides with its development phase. As the fragrance's identity solidifies, the name gradually emerges, representing the essence and emotions it encapsulates.

A: Throughout that process, slowly the name of the fragrance will be formed.

Last Step: Engaging Customers

Joyce emphasizes the customer-centric approach by involving VIP customers in the final selection process. The fragrance samples are sent to VIP customers, allowing them to vote, ensuring the release of fragrances that align with customers' preferences.

A: And then the final step will actually be sending out to our VIP customer three of the final fragrance samples for them to vote for. In that way, we really release fragrance that our customers love.

Sustainable Production

The production process of Scent Journer's fragrances is localized in Singapore. However, the raw materials are ethically sourced globally. Joyce highlights the significance of responsible sourcing, ensuring fair compensation for farmers and a sustainable supply of natural resources.

A: The full fragrance production is fully done in Singapore, but the raw materials are sourced around the world ethically and responsibly. It's very important for us to know the ingredients used in our fragrance. It's where the farmers are properly paid and we are not overusing the raw materials.

The Importance of Ethical Sourcing

Joyce emphasizes the ethical dimension of sourcing, ensuring that Scent Journer's production practices are environmentally conscious and strive to maintain a balance between resource usage and conservation.

A: So we make sure that whatever is harvested today, the next generation can continue to do the same thing and the natural resources won't be running out. Ever since A STARLIT SPELL, we have also started using upcycled ingredients, because we use so much natural ingredients, hence we really want to cut down waste as well.

A STARLIT SPELL uses 100% upcycled Eugenol from clove trees. Eugenol is harnessed by valorizing leaves which have fallen from the Clove tree. This Eugenol then undergoes a series of chemical transformations, resulting in a fascinating array of natural molecules used in A Starlit Spell.

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