How local perfume brand Scent Journer makes their perfume sustainable?

In recent years, sustainability has become a cornerstone for numerous international perfume brands. As consumer awareness about environmental impact grows, these brands have incorporated eco-conscious practices into their operations. Simultaneously, local perfume brand Scent Journer, in an interview with 8world, revealed their innovative approach towards sustainability in the perfume industry, primarily focused on upcycling and resource optimization.

Upcycling Ingredients in Perfume

Joyce Lian discusses the incorporation of upcycled ingredients into their fragrances, such as utilizing fallen leaves from clove buds and Cistus leaves that were previously discarded. These ingredients are repurposed, demonstrating Scent Journer's dedication to reducing waste.

"In our perfume called ‘A STARLIT SPELL', the upcycled scent in the perfume comes from the leaves of clove buds. Usually, the clove flower buds themselves are used in perfume, and the leaves that fall from the trees are thrown away, but here at Scent Journer we reuse them."

Scent Journer takes a unique approach by forgoing the typical use of clove buds, a predominant ingredient in perfumery. Instead, they harness the potential of fallen leaves from the clove tree, often overlooked and cast aside. In their fragrance, A STARLIT SPELL, they exclusively utilize 100% Upcycled Eugenol derived from these leaves, which originally contain the oil known as Eugenol found in the clove buds. According to Joyce, this Eugenol undergoes a series of fascinating chemical transformations, resulting in a diverse array of natural molecules specifically crafted for A STARLIT SPELL.

The brand also recently launched a new perfume in November called SOARING AT DAWN. The new fragrance also follows the path of sustainability as it incorporates upcycled elements such as Cistus leaves. Much like clove leaves, the twigs and leaves of the Cistus plant are commonly discarded and disregarded in traditional practices.

“The leaves of Cistus have a resin coating, and after solvent extraction, what comes out is an amber labdanum scent. But we use the remaining leaves and use some extraction techniques to give the Soaring At Dawn formula a more amber scent.” Joyce intricately delves into her extraction techniques that she uses to derive scents from previously overlooked fragments of natural elements. She skillfully repurposes residual materials, leveraging solvent extraction from the spent Cistus twigs and leaves to obtain the coveted Cistus Neoabsolute. This extraction method unfolds an enriched, warmer aromatic profile, infusing SOARING AT DAWN with a profound amber essence, exuding a captivating blend of woody warmth and sensuality that adds intricate layers and depth to the perfume's olfactory composition.

Innovative Use of Sugarcane for Alcohol Production

A notable sustainability practice highlighted by Joyce Lian is the utilization of sugarcane to produce alcohol, functioning as a solvent for their perfumes. This innovative approach significantly reduces production time and resources, contributing to their eco-friendly initiatives.

Scent Journer is anchored in its dedication to quality, safety, and sustainability. At the core of their ethos lies the meticulous sourcing of Organic Sugarcane Alcohol, chosen for its unparalleled purity, free from any taint of methanol. Embracing sustainability, they opt for this alcohol as a renewable resource, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. With every delicate spritz of their fragrances, individuals experience more than just an olfactory journey; it's a sensory indulgence that not only enlivens the senses but also elevates the spirit, creating an immersive and uplifting experience.

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