Scent Journer: Elevating Fragrance with Unique Local Ingredients and Sustainable Practices

Scent Journer Soaring At Dawn


Singapore-based Scent Journer has emphasised the importance of individuality in the saturated fragrance market with unique ingredients such as Sichuan peppers and pandan. Scent Journer was launched in 2021 by perfumer Joyce Lian and incubated under the National University of Singapore's NUS Enterprise.


Soaring at Dawn - A Citrusy Revelation:

Scent Journer recently introduced its fifth perfume, "Soaring at Dawn," a fresh and citrusy fragrance with an unexpected twist. Perfumer Joyce Lian expertly blends bergamot, neroli, mandarin, and orange blossom, adding a unique touch with the infusion of Sichuan pepper. Drawing inspiration from the Mala hotpot trend in Singapore, infused Sichuan pepper brings relatability and adds a "vibrant, sparkling, and energizing touch." This innovative scent is not just a sensory experience; it's a testament to Scent Journer's dedication to standing out in the competitive fragrance market.


VivaScentz Technology for Mood Enhancement:

"Soaring at Dawn" is not just a fragrance; it's a mood enhancer. Created with Givaudan's innovative VivaScentz technology, "Soaring at Dawn" claims to amplify positive emotions and elevate overall mood. In a highly competitive fragrance market, Joyce Lian recognizes the importance of a distinctive touch to stand out from the saturation.


Clouds in Heaven - Unique Perfume Featuring Pandan:

Among Scent Journer's lineup, "Clouds in Heaven" stands out as a fan-favorite, especially among its younger Gen Z consumers. Featuring pandan as its top note and wrapped in white flowers like jasmine and tuberose, this fragrance is a nostalgic creation inspired by the beloved pandan chiffon cake. It resonates particularly well with Gen Z consumers who value individuality and uniqueness in their scent choices.

Scent Journer’s Sustainable Fragrance Innovation:

Scent Journer values sustainability, as seen in "Soaring at Dawn," which features upcycled cistus, a shrub whose twigs and leaves are typically discarded after resin extraction for labdanum. By collecting and processing these elements, Scent Journer transforms waste into a key component, infusing the fragrance with warm, sweet, and amber notes. 


Continuing the Upcycling Journey:

The commitment to upcycling is not new for Scent Journer. The brand initiated its sustainable journey with its fourth perfume, "A Starlit Spell," incorporating upcycled eugenol from discarded clove tree leaves. Joyce Lian, the driving force behind Scent Journer, emphasizes the importance of upcycling innovation in the fragrance industry, which traditionally consumes precious raw materials.

Reducing Environmental Impact with Upcycled Ingredients:

The brand's dedication to using upcycled ingredients aligns with its goal to reduce environmental impact and resource consumption. "Soaring at Dawn" proudly boasts 90.24% ingredients of natural origin, calculated according to the ISO16128:2017 standards, including water.

In conclusion, Scent Journer is not merely a perfume label; it's a trailblazer in the fragrance industry. From crafting unique scents that resonate with diverse consumer preferences to championing sustainability through upcycling, the brand is a testament to innovation and environmental responsibility. As consumers seek not just fragrances but experiences that align with their values, Scent Journer emerges as a beacon of mindful perfumery, proving that beauty and sustainability can seamlessly coexist.

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