Finished your perfume? Recycle your perfume bottle!

Finish your Scent Journer perfumes and wondering what you could do with it? We suggest to recycle the glass perfume bottle or use our beautiful bottle for decoration in your home!

Here's 3 simple steps on how to properly recycle your perfume bottle!

Step 1: Take off the magnetic cap and pull off the nozzle.

To pull off the nozzle, use your fingers to pull straight up on the nozzle while holding on the perfume bottle. 


Step 2: Remove metal around the perfume bottle’s neck. 

To remove metal, use the edge of a scissor to go around the base of the exposed metal connector or use pliers to remove the metal around the neck, while holding your perfume bottle securely with one hand. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as the glass may break.


Step 3: Discard any remaining perfume. 

To clean perfume bottle, rinse the remaining liquid in the perfume bottle out with running water. Remember to dry the bottle outside in bright sunlight before placing it in the glass recycling bin.

Using Perfume Bottles for decoration

Use the empty bottle as a miniature flower vase.
Place dried flowers, we suggest using dried baby breath sprigs as they come in different beautiful colors, into the bottle as a pretty decorative piece on your vanity table, coffee table or even in your kitchen to add a soft feminine touch to your home. Another idea would be to use the miniature flower vase made as center piece for a wedding or baby shower. 

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