Perfume to feel strong and successful

Sometimes we all need the help of a perfume to feel strong and successful – something that does more than simply smell lovely, but can lift our spirits and almost act like a pair of shoulder pads in scented form. We innovate Dancing Blue bees to smell good and feel good too – evoking adventurous journeys, friendship and inner strength via calming lavender, invigorating black pepper and comforting vanilla.

Lavender ingredient for perfume


Known in Provence as blue gold, the best lavender used in perfumery is often grown in higher altitudes, and does not resemble what we think we know lavender smells of. Pure lavender essential oil can be spicy, peppery, herbaceous, misty, smoky or green and many cannot identify the note when asked to sniff blind. And every time you spray, you can keep summer alive that little bit longer…

In Dancing Blue bees, we kept the lavender warm and fuzzy with vanilla, yet invigorating with hint of spicy black pepper. It is truly a motivating scent that provide with with clarity throughout the day. We recommend refreshing your fragrance after 4hours to get that uplifting bergamot top notes whenever you feel sluggish. 

Experience the healing power of Dancing blue bees today!


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