The scent of wellness - Feeling stress? Perhaps we could help.

Scent Journer perfumes are far more than just smelling good – our scents can truly impart a feeling of wellness, uplift our moods and remind us of happy memories.

Increasingly, people are turning to aromatherapy and using smell to reduce stress, add a sense of comfort or revive their spirits. The perfumes you wear have the benefit of being emotionally restorative all day.

Interestingly, we are already pre-conditioned to have smell preferences, and our response is based partly on our DNA and life experiences. So: that fresh cilantro reminds you of either a lovely or nasty meal – or the joyful or lonely smell of christmas tree in the holiday season.

Many people use fragrance to boost their spirits, perhaps even without realising they’re doing so, and the science behind this is called: ‘aromachology’.

It’s been scientifically proven that different scent can impact on mood and emotions – not just personally, but affecting those around you: Bergamot is a feel-good ingredient and ylang ylang makes you perkier and more alert.

Understanding the way how different notes in a perfume can make you feel is one reason so many of us have a multiple perfumes, rather than just one signature scent.

At Scent Journer, we have the garden of emotions collection:

evolution to perfume

Clouds in heaven: a perfume to make us feel ready to wind down, after a hard day staring at a computer screen;

The blooming jewel: a scent to give us a weekend garden vibe, something that we spritz on before going out to meet our friends.

Dancing blue bees: a fragrance we spray in the morning, which makes us feel more focused and professional, in the same way as a smart suit or a crisp white shirt.


If you love the smell of our perfumes, allow yourself the luxury of a few minutes each day: inhaling the changing aromas as they warm on your skin and focusing on the smell alone.

Spray perfume on your pulse point, preferably; close your eyes and smell for several seconds, inhale deeply. Repeat this for a minute or so, and then begin writing how the scent makes your feel. For example: 

– If this scent were a fabric, what would it be? What colour? And how do you feel wearing it? 

When you’re smelling a fragrance this way, attempt to get past thinking ‘I do / don’t like this’ and focus instead on the mood it’s creating, the place or person it reminds you of. Lock a happy image in your mind, and whenever you wear that fragrance – or even think of it again – the joy of that memory or daydream will be yours to relish in, forever.

It’s genuinely life-changing!

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