Perfumes you need to boost your mood

The use of scent to create good mood dated back to ancient times. In China, practitioners had been using fragrant herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Religiously, even today, the practice of Buddhism uses scented incense and scented flowers which ritual are believe to be spiritually uplifting. 

In the modern urban society, where we live in constant stress, it is even more important to put in effort for self-care and our mental well-being. Scent Journer's intelligent mood boosting perfume has the power to uplift your mood. We believe that feeling good should be part of your daily life. Hence we innovate perfumes are mood boosting supplement to support your mind and soul. 

Top fragrances houses had been conducting studies using the fMRI tool, to visualise the activation of the brain centre of emotions with fragrance. It was found that fragrances using high levels of natural absolutes and essential oils had more of a neuroscientific emotional impact, to improve our mental wellbeing. At Scent Journer, we are proud that all our perfumes are made with vegan ingredients and are more than 85% naturally derived. 


Clouds in heaven: Perfume for unwinding

The main natural essences used in Clouds in Heaven include Jasmine Sambac from India and ylang ylang essence from Madagascar.

Studies had shown that Jasmine not only stimulate sensuality (due to indole which stimulates parts of the brain that are responsible for romantic and sexual feelings),  it also energises mood and impart positivity. When combined with ylang ylang, it is the perfect perfume for a day to unwind. Research has shown that inhaling ylang ylang affects HPA (hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal) axis by decreasing glucocorticoid levels hence helping you to reach that state of deep relaxation.


Dancing blue bees: Perfume to boost energy & motivation

On top of containing ylang ylang from Madagascar too, Dancing Blue Bees is formulated with lavender to calm your nerves and also black pepper essence to stimulates cognitive brain functioning in relieving tightened nerves and provides clarity when feeling groggy after long hours of working, enhancing alertness. You will also be comforted to feel motivated again with vanilla bean extract which evokes feelings of joy and relaxation.


The Blooming Jewel: Perfume to encourage self-love

This beautiful fragrance contain 2 types of roses, Turkish rose and rose Morocco to soothe your mind, reduce stress by increasing serotonin levels in the brain, providing emotional space for self-love. The blooming jewel is a fresh, young rosy fragrance with uplifting bergamot and calming roman chamomile to balance your mood and bring you to the state of mindfulness.



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