Mood Nebuliser

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Golden Moon
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Scent 100 m
(size of 4 room flat) 

Up to 72 HRS
Rechargeable with USB

Diffusion Time
Up to 50 hours

Experience the luxury of living with the Mood Nebuliser. It is a smart scenting decor that uses cold diffusion technology to enhance your atmosphere without heat and water. Set the perfect mood wherever you go.


Mood Nebuliser

Mood Essence

One-year Warranty

User Guide

  1. Press the nozzle top to release the inner cartridge.
  2. Take out the nozzle and replace the Mood Essence to the Nozzle.
    Note: This device comes with an empty 20ml amber bottle for you to switch out when not using the device for long
  3. Align the arrow and press down the nozzle top to install.